Daniel & Clara
landscape imaginary
14 — 20 Oct 2021
14 — 20 Oct 2021
During their stay at Obsidian Coast, Daniel & Clara will be working on the research and development of a new moving image installation and a series of correspondence works which continue their exploration of the 'landscape imaginary'. They will be visiting some of the area's ancient sites such as Avebury, Stonehenge and the Uffington White Horse to gather images, sounds and experiences as material for these new projects.
On The Island, 2021, Daniel & Clara
Since meeting in 2010, Daniel & Clara have dedicated themselves to a shared life of creative exploration, working across moving image, photography, installation and correspondence art.

Their work explores the relationship between psychology and place, looking at how we imbue places with meaning, and how in turn landscape, weather and the environment impact our imagination and state of mind.

By weaving narratives of mysterious incidents in the British countryside, they create eerie and otherworldly experiences where the very nature of reality becomes questionable.

Throughout 2021 they are working on Landscape Imaginary, a new body of work funded by an Arts Council England Project Grant.